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Posters, shirts and more by crowsmack on etsy.

artist: ねむ

yo u guys are like the one not-unbearable dks blog but i just wanted to drop by to say that some of the art u source has already been posted on tumblr and i think it'd be rad if u reblogged/linked back to the original post instead of just reposting it with a source u know what i mean? but yea gr8 job best dks blog B^)

The only reason we re-post the art that has already been posted before is so it shows up first in the dark souls tag, ahead of the unsourced artwork. [At least, in the old version of the tags.] That way people can actually pay attention to the sourced one instead of just seeing the unsourced. We want to push the unsourced art away so to speak.

Personally if I find the original post, I link back to it underneath the image as well.