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Artist: Kid

have you seen the petition for soul memory to be removed/changed in dark souls 2? Have/will you sign it?

Can’t say I’ve seen it. I wouldn’t mind it going away though since I always enjoyed low level invasion builds in Dark Souls 1. I’m sure DSHaters would certainly love the implications of soul memory removal.

As for if I’ll sign it who knows.


Is there a way in which I can use this theme? It looks so great

I’ve long forgotten the name of the theme, but it belongs to Yukoki. You can find many good looking ones [and ours] on here.

Yo. Is it cool if I use one of your Artorias Pictures as my DP?

The artwork on here isn’t ours. We simply source the images. :P You can use it, as long as you credit the original artist somewhere.

Hello, I'm DHorojir or something like that. I'll get to the point, I just started to follow this blog and I'm already loving it, I must say that the art that you post makes me drool. Seriously.

Glad to hear you enjoy the blog and the art we source! We’re here to please (and hopefully convince people that sourcing art before posting it is the way to go) after all.